Insurance of Engineering

This is a special class of Insurance which in a nutshell provides Insurance cover for Industries and Engineering Contractors. This Insurance includes:

  • Boiler and Pressure Vessel Explosion Insurance

The policy will provide cover against:

(a)       Damage to the Boiler or other pressure Vessels described in the schedule of the policy.

(b)       Damage to other surrounding property belonging to the insured.

(c)        Liability of the insured on account of fatal or no-fatal injuries to or damage to the property belonging to the third party resulting from Explosion or Collapse of the Boiler or insured item.

The items suitable for this insurance would include:

    • Steam Boilers
    • Steam Pressure Vessels
    • Autoclaves
    • Calorifiers
    • Air Receivers.
  • Machinery Breakdown Insurance

The insurance of Machinery Breakdown will provide cover for the loss or damage to machineries and equipment when such loss or damage is as a result of an unforeseen mishap due to poor handling, negligence, impact or maladjustment and so on, resulting in breakdown, collapse or explosion of the machinery or equipment.

  • Machinery Breakdown Consequential Loss

When there is interruption to production due to a machinery breakdown this policy will provide cover against loss of profit due to such interruption in production.

The main elements of this Insurance are thus electrical and mechanical breakdown and accidental damage from extraneous causes.

The types of items suitable for this Insurance would include:

    • Boilers
    • Air Compressors
    • Refrigerators
    • Electric Motors
    • Transformers and Switch-gear.
  • Loss of profits (Machinery) Insurance

This Insurance is similar to the loss of profits insurance following fire damage and it comes into operation where there is Machinery breakdown damage. The cover provided under this Insurance includes:

(a)       Loss of Cross Profit

(b)       Extra Costs incurred to prevent or minimize a loss of gross profit.

During the Indemnity period due to interruption of the business caused by an accident to the machinery insured.

Accident shall mean unforeseen and sudden damage to the Machinery covered under the machinery Breakdown policy and/or Boiler explosion policy

Perils covered against by engineering policy are usually excluded from other policies.