Group Personal Accident Insurance

The policy covers employees and directors against personal injury or death arising out of accident. The cover is on 24 hours basis, which means that the cover continues even after office hours. However cover can be granted for occupational injuries only on request. There are four categories of benefits under this policy.

  1. Death occurring within twelve months from the day of the accident
  2. Personal Total Disablement occurring within twelve months from the day of the accident
  3. Temporary Total Disablement (weekly benefit) up to four weeks.
  4. Medical Expenses.

The following points should be borne in mind when selecting the benefits under this class of insurance.

  1. You can select the benefits stated above in any combination but (a) and (b) must be selected together.
  2. You cannot select (c) alone.
  3. If you require insurance for multiples or proportions of annual earnings, the sum insured or benefits to be insured under Temporary Total Disablement should not exceed the actual weekly salary/wages.

Comprehensive Accident Benefit Scheme

This is a 24- hour global cover, which combines the feature of workmen’s compensation Insurance and Group Personal Accident Insurance. The scheme seeks to indemnify the Insured against legal liability/financial expenses arising from death or injury to employees caused by external violent means, not only whilst in the course of their employment in accordance with Decree 17 of 1987 but globally on 24 hours basis.


  • Death: 5 X Annual Earnings
  • Permanent Disablement: 5 X Annual Earnings
  • Temporary Disablement: 24 months benefits payable as follows:
    • Full salary for the first 6 months of disability.
    • 50% salary for the next 3 months
    • 25% salary for another 15 months
  • Medical Expenses: Unlimited but reasonable.